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Gila - 03.07.2010 at 00.00
I met Joanna tonight at the American embassy July 4 celebration and she told me about your art work. Bravo Tim! You are an inspiration to us all.

Phil Darkins - 20.06.2010 at 09.06
Your work is absolutely beautiful Tim!

Isn't it amazing how the odd short ball leads us to discover a wealth of capability that we might otherwise have never realised?

There's a genuine emotional intensity in the completeness of your work; an aspect that reminds me of someone I knew many years ago.

Congratulations on an absolutely awesome achievement.

Wellington NZ

Carin Bennett - 13.08.2009 at 20.40
Dear Tim,
I am so impressed by your beautiful work! I love the serenity of 'the Boathouse' and the way the sun seems to shine on its door, welcoming you in. I could stare all day at the color and movement in 'Sacred Tree', if only it were hanging in my home! And 'Platypus Playtime', with its gorgeous color, composition, and content, remains a favorite too, as the first piece of your work I ever viewed, when your brother Greg shared it. I can see why he is so proud of you. Your story inspires me to look deeper within, to find something I don't yet know that I have in me! Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful work. Best regards, Carin Bennett

Martina Darnell - 24.03.2009 at 23.46
Dear Tim,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much joy your painting is bringing to me every day as I look at it in my living room. I absolutely love it. I think it even brought me good luck, because it was painted with so much love and heart. And how much admiration from everyone who visits and sees it. Hope you are doing well and ... keep on painting! Hugs, Martina

Katharina - 05.01.2009 at 16.47
Ich wünsch euch beiden ein gutes
neues Jahr Liebe Grüße Katharina

Raana - 20.11.2008 at 17.27
Hi Tim, Love your work, among my favourites are a forest of..., play..., last summer and rainbow snake. The portrait of the Police is GREAT. I love the colours. Bussies, Raana

valda oconnor - 30.09.2008 at 03.39
Hello Tim,your art is fascinating,well done.

Andi Hufnagl - 31.08.2008 at 11.15
Hi Tim!
long time no see - i´m very impressed by your paintings. hope you and your family are happy,
best wishes, Andi

Katharina - 27.06.2008 at 12.02
Endlich haben wir die Spammer los.

Walther+&+Hannes - 03.06.08 at 16:33
Hi Tim!
Cool paintings; I showed your paintings to my colleagues and they were all deeply impressed.
Best wishes from the"Kolonitz-Park" guys: Walther & Hannes16.06.08

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