Tim Hind


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Moinkees - 15.05.08 at 10:11
Many happy returns of the day Tim! You've come so far and I'm so, so proud of you. You're a good husband and father and we love you very, very much. Hope you have a soooooper day!!;-)=)

Malcolm Roe (close friend of Lewis since 1945!) - 25.04.08 at 17:00
I've just spent several enjoyable and humbling minutes looking at your amazing gallery. I wonder if in earlier days you knew you possessed such talent, or were you too busy playing cricket! Keep up the good work!
Kindest regards,

Jan Reichmann - 20.04.08 at 13:50
Dear Tim,
Brian, a dear old friend of mine, asked to to take a look at your website. Your work is fantastic - I love your sense of colour - the vibrance of your work shines thru. Keep up the wonderful, varied work.
Best wishes,

Kitty O Malley - 15.04.08 at 20:42
Congradulations I love your wor especially the Boathouse.

I'm a friend of Brian Lewis living in the west of Ireland ,he told me to look up your website so I've just done so.

I was married to an american artist but he died 5 years ago but he to loved aboriginie art he himself was influenced by native american art.

Keep up the good work,

Best wishes,


brid conroy - 15.04.08 at 13:54
Hi Brid,

How are you, good? Mate, Big,medium and small paintings, already. Price, big 380.00 and 250.00 euro. Okay.

Have a nice day and see,
Tim Hind

brid conroy - 15.04.08 at 11:13
Hi there, I'm a friend of Brians from Ireland. He directed us here and it a lovely surprise in my day. It a beautiful day here the sun is shining the waves are gently lapping in the birds are singing, I can see the Atlantic Ocean from my window as Iwork. Your piece calm somehow embodies this scene.

I wonder, I am not sure not ever buying artwork before, what size is it and what price are you asking for it.

Lots of love from
Accony, Co Mayo, Ireland

mal lewis - 10.04.08 at 11:16
good painting Tim

Carnita Kirsten - 10.04.08 at 07:32
Tim, your paintings are AMAZING! ;-) You are really such an inspiration to me...I'm just simply overwhelmed at how fantastic they are..! All the best, lots of love, Carno

Eva Corazon Aldover Flesch - 09.04.08 at 12:39
Dear Mr Hind, as you said - your paintings are simple - BUT, I have many thoughts while looking at them, for these paintings express A LOT. You're gifted and have the especial talent some of us would like to have. Please always keep your confidence and work more as long as you're enjoying - be more inspired and you'll see how many outthere will admire you and your work. They are all beautiful - the Boat House, Orange Burst and especially the Sacred Tree - this touched me the most. Keep going and More power to you!

Lydia - 08.04.08 at 17:47
Love your work!!!

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