Tim Hind


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sharon ratheiser - 08.04.08 at 17:21
Super Tim - looks very effective. Well done and good luck! Sharon

Cristina Vilaplana - 04.04.08 at 13:41
Dear Tim, You are such a talented artist! As you know, I have a soft spot for Aborigianal art and therefore love paintings such as Rainbow Snake, Calm or Platypuss Time, but other paintings like the Boathouse are also gorgeous and I think that it is great that you explore other themes so you can expand your talent further. You are an inspiration to all of us and I look forward to hearing more from your successful artistic career. Big hug,

JENNETH BARRY - 07.02.08 at 08:56
BEAUTIFUL! i gotta get one!

xxx jen

Mike Bailey - 28.01.08 at 15:49
Great to see some of your paintings online - hope to see them "in the flesh" one day soon! :)

Mike Bailey (Vienna CC and ACA)

Julie Brennan - 25.12.07 at 00:27
Hi tim love your paintings found your web site thru your brother greg nice to hear things are going well for you no doubt your getting your speech back as you had plenty of practice talking (could never shut you up at basketball). Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Julie

Norma Brennan - 25.12.07 at 00:09
Hello Tim Merry Xmas
I have been looking at your Art very impressive .I am glad it is helping with your speech I will pass your link on to the Family . Sonia seen Greg Yesterday and he mentioned your web site.have a good day today with your Family and have a prosperous New Year Love Norma

Katharina R. - 20.12.07 at 11:18
Liebe Jane lieber Tim,
vielen Dank für eure Karte. Ich wünsche euch auch viele schöne, gemütliche Weihnachtstage und hoffe, ich bekomme nächstes Jahr viele neue schöne Fotos von Tims Bildern. ;-) Liebe Grüße and "let it snow" :~/ Katharina

R. Dionot-Ilbegi - 21.11.07 at 17:16
Beautiful Tim.

greg - 21.10.07 at 09:03
Tim,your work is astounding and only getting better.I get up on stage, seems like every night,and give what I think is 100%.Well guess what,after seeing all your great works i'm gonna give 3000%,cos all I'm doing is layin a giant smelly turd, compared to the circumstances.Love ya brother, and keep up the brilliant work.Once again,I find myself standing in your shadow,Greg

sharifa - 02.10.07 at 12:18
hi tim this is wonderful:);-)great to see your work awesome.

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