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Martina Darnell - 20.09.07 at 13:59
Dear Tim,
I am absolutely speechless at how you developed as an artist! Your paintings are absolutely amazing. The landscapes just SO catch the mood of the place, of the moment, of the sun shining on the sand, it's like being there.
You have an enormous talent. I admire how you turned your "stroke of bad luck" into such powerful expression of art.
I'm getting one of these paintings this year, even if it means I'm living on beans for months. Is the still life and/or the trees in the sand already sold?
hugs, Martina

gerry lobel - 18.09.07 at 13:38
Hi Tim,

We recently met in Hungary when Lily and I had dinner with your family at a Czarda near Heviz.

I'm not sure what I told you about myself, but here are some things that may or may not have relevance to your art.

Firstly, my whole working career has been in graphic arts. I owned my own company from 1983 until 2001 (sold the company to the sales manager). As a "graphics insider", I think that the design of your website is "outstanding"! Whoever did the web design knows a thing or two about so-called "Swiss design" concepts. Anyway, it puts a professional face on your site and that is always a good start.

From looking at the various paintings represented on your site, I see several styles. The aboriginal style is quite unique, while I see other pieces that are quite interesting. If you have a moment, maybe you could explain which media you use.

Over time Lily and I have accumulated a number of pieces that were bought at some of the sea auctions (on cruise ships) via Park West Gallery. The majority of these pieces are "limited edition" prints such as serigraphs, etc. I'm mentioning this because it may be of interest to you to contact Park West with a sampling of your work. Here is the website:


My favorite artist is Marcel Mouly of which we have four different pieces. Interestingly, the price of the Mouly limited edition pieces has gone up a fair bit over the last couple of years to be well into the $thousands.

Mouly is the last living student of Pablo Picasso (you have one painting that has a Picasso feel to it). Mouly is now 89 years old and still going strong. He is a Fauvist with cubic overtones. As you probably know, "Fauve" refers to the use of non-natural colors which makes the art quite intriguing and interesting.

Here is a link to Marcel Mouly's biography:


as well as a link to some of his work:


There are a number of other artists that I like and have pieces of throughout the house (we're running out of walls!!!). In short, art very much attracts me and that's why I like some of your pieces as well.


Piergiorgio (Peter) Barbarich - 13.09.07 at 14:22
Dear Tim,
I am impressed by your total immersion into art and your creations. Your quote about art as powerful medium of communication and expression is inspiring, thank you! I also liked your website with its simple but very effective use of nice graphics, type, color choice, and composition. Congratulations and keep on painting!

Joanna - 07.09.07 at 23:09
I heard you were painting and I googled you to take a look. I had no idea you were so talented. Sitting here with an Australian friend and we are both in awe!

Well done you.
Love, Joanna x

moser gudrun und giovanni - 11.08.07 at 14:23
wir sind sehr begeistert von diesen tollen zeichnungen.es ist einfach gro├čartig wie du, lieber tim das machst.
alles gute weiterhin
gudrun und giovanni

andreas - 14.01.07 at 17:43
hey tim!

we don't know each other in person, but I thought I'd drop you a note nevertheless. I was a very big fan of yours during your time at radio cd and the famous "sunday afternoon sausage-show". I heard your show almost every sunday from 3 to 7 pm. Your work there and radio CD itself inspired me a lot and was one of the reasons why I decided to get into the radio-business. Btw. I'll be hosting at radio orange starting march 2007! :-)

when I did a little just-for-fun research on radio cd and what happend to the former presenters i came across your web site. I'm absolutely shocked by your fate and that you had to learn to speak again - I really do hope that your rehab goes well!

I'm also really impressed by your paintings - they are gorgous!

I wish you and your family all the best for 2007!


Lydia - at
Hi Tim,

I love your site, and your paintings are just gorgeous! I hope you are working on your next exhibition, I can't wait to see more of your work. Warmest wishes, Lydia

06.12.06 - 04:14>greg>greglrb@gmail.com>Hey buddy,great talkin today,new work awesome.I cant paint a frickin side of a barn let alone that detail.Jane wanted our address[8428 Robinhood Way Lakeshore MN. 56468] Cant wait to see your Krissy cards,The Minnesota Hind family. - at

Linda Lodding - at
Jane just shared with me your beautiful website and gorgeous paintings. You have unleashed a great talent, Tim! I'm looking forward to watching your website and gallery grow!


02.06.06 - 15:26>Tim Hind>tim@hind.org.uk>Just spotted your website. Having a very similar name I thought I would drop you a note.
I am the one on General Synod in England
- at

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