Tim Hind


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lynette hind - 21.05.06 at 08:16
>tim what a great surprise your beautiful painting arrived special delivery yesterday friday tpday sunday claudia has taken me into frankston to view your website what a great thrill staycool love from mother

Mo McGregor - 16.05.06 at 09:55
Tim's paintings illustrate the struggle he has dealt with due to his health problems and shine with the same enthusiasm for life and living that he has. Well done Tim! And well done Jane for all the support shown. Love you both.

Clare - 15.05.06 at 22:26
Happy birthday Tim ! I hope your day has been full of surprises.
Peter Waggitt emailed me your website address and I have found it really interesting. I like your art and look forward to seeing some more. Peter took me to see some Aboriginal sites when I visited Darwin.
I have a son who is a chartered physiotherapist and I am going to pass your website address on to him as I'm sure he will find your achievement very encouraging and interesting.
With kindest regards, Clare

Jackie Stark - 15.05.06 at 15:02
Dear Tim,
Four years ago we met and have been working together intensively since then. It is really exhilarating to see the improvement in your language skills over the years. Keep up the good work! The carryover from spoken to written language is overwhelming. I am very pleased that you started painting. Your work is impressive.
I am also glad that I can assist you in your long journey! All the best on your birthday!
Best wishes,
Jackie Stark

Angus Robertson - 15.05.06 at 13:47

Fantastic website, excellent artwork...what a skill you have!

Have a tremendous birthday.

All the best from Scotland,


Hans Zeger - 15.05.06 at 12:47
Hi Tim,
my son likes the picture, I got from you and has placed it over his bed,

All the best to you and constant improvement to your arm.
And, of course, happy birthday

Peter Waggitt - 15.05.06 at 12:07
Happy Birthday TIm.
Very good to see you and catch up yesterday, to say nothig of the fantastic food and cakes! I think the website is great. Hope you have a super birthday and get to grips with the new easel soon.
Peter W

Nandu (NANDA KUMAR) - 15.05.06 at 11:46

Many happy returns of the day.

What I learnt from you is this:

Life is entirely in your grasp.

Tim: You have defined a new dimension to success. Live life king size!

With warm regards,


thomas.sycha - 15.05.06 at 11:39
congratulations tim!!
a very good homepage and excellent drawings.
hope to see you so0n

Fadiela Myer - 15.05.06 at 11:03
Happy birthdy
Hope you have a wonderful day & have many more. God bless

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