Tim Hind

M Y    P A I N T I N GS

Regular visitors may be pleased to see that I`ve replaced - or sold - many of previously displayed paintings. I`ve explored other avenues of style and whilst aboriginal art is still my favourite, I`ve moved on to portraits, an example of which is captured in "Johnny Cash". Still life or still scenes is another new avenue I`m pursuing - have a look at "The Boathouse, Williamstown". Some of my painting are fragments that depict my life after my stroke and the viewer needs to imagine what it's like being trapped in thoughts that cannot be transformed into words. "My Life" is one such presentation.  Not all my art turns out the way I first envisage it. I start off with a theme, then I allow my brushes to lead me, and ultimately surprise me with the end product. In the course of the past few years, I've been commissioned to paint for friends and visitors to my website and this gives me immense pleasure. Please contact me if you would like to view more of my paintings, since the pictures shown here are just a fraction of my work. From time to time I'll be keeping you informed of upcoming exhibitions in and around Vienna.