Tim Hind

Tim Hind

About me

I am Tim Hind, an Australian living in Vienna. A former radio announcer and hobby cricketer, my painting began as a means of therapy after a stroke left me partially paralysed and with a severe speech impediment called aphasia - inability to process thoughts into words.

Besides having to learn to speak all over again, I needed to exercise my left-hand since my right arm (my former working arm) is paralysed. Painting was, in the beginning, a means of physiotherapy only. Gradually I learned that not only was I using my left hand, I was also expressing myself and began to enjoy each canvas that started off blank - like my affected brain - and bring it to life. What's more, the concentration when painting has stimulated the brain cells affecting my speech and there is a marked improvement in my communication. I am speaking again!

My first paintings were rather simple drawings. Gradually I started to understand dimension, scope, colours and all the subtle aspects that can transform a picture into expression. As my work improved so did my confidence and when friends starting commissioning me to do paintings for them I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement.